secreto synonyms and antonyms


English cloak and dagger, behind scenes, arcane, confidential, stash, kabbalistic, unavowed, secrecy, classified, secretion, privacy, secret
Spanish recóndito, sigiloso

cloak and dagger

English secret, hole and corner, clandestine, hugger mugger, hush hush, surreptitious, undercover, underground
Spanish secreto, oculto
Portuguese clandestino, escondido


English cloak and dagger, kabbalistic, unavowed, classified, privacy, arcane, confidential, secrecy, secretion, secret, secret sacred, arcanum, clandestine, confidentiality, hush hush, latent, concealed, dern, private, hidden, mysterious, secluded, mystery, secretive, under wraps, undercover, underground
Spanish secreto, arcano, el secreto
Portuguese secreto, segredo
Italian the secret, segreto

behind scenes

English making of, sub rosa, under table
Spanish secreto, detrás del telón, entre bastidores, tras bambalinas
Portuguese nos bastidores, por baixo dos panos, por detrás dos bastidores


English arcane, clandestine, esoteric, recondite, arcanum, mystery
Spanish secreto, arcano, misterioso
Portuguese secreto, arcano, misterioso, obscuro, oculto


English classified, secret, dern, hush hush, withheld
Spanish secreto, confidencial, interno, privado
Portuguese secreto, confidencial
Italian confidenziale, riservato


English hoard, hive up
Spanish secreto, depósito, reserva


English cabalistic, cryptic, cryptical, qabalistic, sibylline
Spanish secreto, misterioso, oculto
Portuguese cabalístico, enigmático


English secret, sneaking


English confidential, classified, classified ad, classified advertisement, eyes only, top secret


English privacy, dern, secretiveness, silence
Italian riserbo, segretezza


English secretion, secernment
Italian secreto, secrezione


English secrecy, privacy, concealment, privateness, retirement, seclusion
Spanish secreto, intimidad, privacidad, seclusión
Portuguese clandestinidade, intimidade, privacidade, segredo, sigilo
Italian privacy, intimità, clandestinità, irreperibilità, latitanza, segretezza

secreto antonyms

mention, exoteric, honorable mention, overt, mundane, everyday, material, banal, worldly, boring, commonplace, earthly, jejune, ordinary, profane, routine, tedious, vulgar, workaday, terrestrial, unremarkable, nondescript, open, terrene, mentioning, report, add, adduce, advert, bring up, cite, grade, citation, notice, note, name, refer, reference, expression

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