sede synonyms and antonyms


English thirst, thirsty, headquarters, hunger, cent, residence, chair, silk, seat, site, see
Portuguese centro, local, lugar, matriz, meio, recinto, sítio


English hunger, craving, desire, longing, crave, thirstiness
Italian sete, arsura


English dry, athirst, parched
Portuguese sede, sedento, com, sequioso


English military headquarters, central office, head office, hq, home base, home office, main office
Portuguese matrizes, quartel, quartel general
Italian sede, quartier generale, comando
Spanish cuartel general, administración, cuartel


English thirst, hunger, famine, be, crave, starve, hungriness, starvation, thirstiness
Portuguese sede, fome, ter fome
ast fame, tar esfamiáu, tener fame
Italian fame, avere fame, sete
Spanish hambre, carpanta, tener hambre, sed


English cent, 100, hundred, dollarcent, eurocent, penny, centime, kent, percentage
Portuguese cent, centavo, cêntimo, cem
Italian cent, cent dello sri lanka, centesimo, cento
Spanish cent, centavo, céntimo, cien


English residence, abiding place, abode, domicile, dwelling place, palace, dwelling, residency, mansion
Portuguese casa, domicílio, residência
Italian sede, residenza, abitazione, dimora, domicilio
Spanish residencia, dirección, domicilio, morada


English chair, electric chair, stool, professorship, president, moderate, chairman, chairperson, flesh, pulp
Portuguese assento, cadeira, cadeiras, carne
Galician cadeira, carne
Italian sedia, seggiola, carne, poltrona, presiedere
ia sede, sedia
fur cjadree, čhadree
Spanish asiento, silla, dirigir, gobernar, presidente, presidir, carne


English silk, desilk, beta vulgaris
Galician seda, serda


English seat, constituency, place, buttocks, induct, seven, sit, sit down
Portuguese seat, assento, cadeira, lugar, posar, pôr, sentar, sentar se, traseiro
Galician seat, asento, sentadoiro
Italian sede, seat, posto, scranno, sedile, seduta, far accomodare
Spanish seat, asiento, localidad, plaza, poner asientos, poner un asiento, sentar


English site, web site, land site, website, place, locate, situation
Portuguese local, lugar, situação, website, sítio
Spanish sitio, solar, situación


English see to it, sea, lake, ascertain, assure, call on, cee, check, consider, control, ensure, escort, insure, it, lo, look
Portuguese lago, mar, achar, acompanhar, considerar, descobrir, olhar, ver
Italian sede, lago, mare
Spanish sede, lago, mar

sede antonyms

satiation, satiety, satin, drink, dollar, rough, couch, branch, standing, wool, bed, full, stand, table, cotton fiber, cotton, cotton plant, cotton wool, dollar bill, dollar mark, dollar sign, raw cotton, rough in, school desk, desk, relaxer, relax, dollars, united states dollar, burlap, table mountain, go to bed, drink in, drink to excess, full moon, full house, gunny, one dollar bill, repletion, stand up, stool, ca ca, canape, coarse, davenport, divan, settee, sofa, explain, lie down, frame, crap, defecate, fleece, harsh, impolite, make, shit, footstool, toilet, fecal matter, take crap, take shit, tiller, ice pigeon, sateen, table englisch, saturn, raso

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