seguidor synonyms and antonyms


English sports fan, follower, supporter, advocate, disciple, cohort, fan

sports fan

English fan, rooter
Portuguese seguidor, fã
Catalan seguidor, aficionada, aficionat, seguidora
Spanish seguidor, fan, aficionado, aficionado al deporte


English sports fan, follower, supporter, athletic supporter, admirer, booster, champion, friend, protagonist, support, adherent, proponent, garter, assistant, patron, tolerate, bear, shoulder, be in charge of, be responsible for, put up with, stand, withstand, digest, yield, wear, sympathizer
Portuguese seguidor, apoiador
Catalan seguidor, adepta, adepte, aficionada, aficionat, amic, amiga, entusiasta, seguidora, aguantar, suportar
Spanish seguidor, aficionado, amiga, amigo, aguantar, soportar


English sports fan, supporter, fan, groupie, admirer, enthusiast, rooter, aficionado, buff, deuce, devotee, winnow, fanboy, from, fuck, goddamn, hand fan, hunger, lover, science, scenester, shit, stay, stir up, van, fandom
Portuguese adepto, fanático, fã, torcedor, leque, amante, ventilador
Catalan fan, ablamar, afeccionada, afeccionat, amant, amic, amiga, apassionada, apassionat, atiar, avivar, devot, devota, entusiasta, fanàtic, fanàtica, ventador, palmito, vano, ventall, aficionat
Spanish seguidor, fan, aficionado, forofo, porrista, abanico, hincha, abanicar, amante, amiga, amigo, animar, aventador, azuzar, congelarse, admirador, entusiasta, fanático
Galician fan, abanico, abano, admirador, seareiro, adepto, fiel


English supporter, aficionado, devotee, onballer, pupil, tappet
Portuguese seguidor, caçador, perseguidor
Catalan seguidor, partidari, partidària, seguidora, sequaç
Spanish seguidor, partidario


English advocate, preach, recommend, advocator, attorney, barrister, counsel, counsellor, counselor, counselor at law, exponent, lawyer, pleader, proponent
Portuguese seguidor, the advocate, advogado, defensor, porta voz, proponente, representante, advogada
Catalan the advocate, advocat defensor, defensor, partidari, advocat
Spanish the advocate, abogada, abogado, abogado defensor, defensor, partidario


English follower, disciple, adherent, apostle, student, minion
Portuguese seguidor, adepto, aluno, apóstolo, discípulo, estudante
Catalan adherent, deixeble
Spanish discípulo, adherente
Galician discípulo, alumno


English cohort, age group, fold
Portuguese coorte, seguidoras, seguidores

seguidor antonyms

hater, chief, leader, captain, precursor, detractor, police captain, depreciator, cynic, defamation, libel, mudslinger, slander, disparager, knocker, detest, forerunner, hate, despiser, commander, opponent, adversary, foe, magister, antagonist, opposition, opposing, opposite side, harbinger, precursory, bandleader, world beater, capt, pilot, skipper, supervisor, master, chieftain, commanding officer, air force officer, head, headwaiter, maitre d, maitre d hotel, abhor, abominate, dislike, loathe, administrator, foreman, headman, comptroller, concertmaster, decener, downspout, first violinist, flagship, head man, drawing card, main, organizer, overseer, petty officer, police chief, predominant, primary, principal, senior pilot, statesperson, superintendent, book, command, dictate, procure, tell

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