seguir synonyms and antonyms

get on with

English get along with, begin
Spanish comenzar, continuar, empezar, hacer, proceder, proseguir, realizar, seguir
Portuguese andar logo, com

come after

English abide by, follow, abide, succeed

abide by

English come after, stand by, acquiesce, comply, respect
Spanish acatar, atenerse, someterse


English keep up, come after, postdate, surveil, pursue, result, come, follow, act on, act upon, arise, conform to, fall out, comply, ensue, succeed, trail, stick to, trace, take after, play along, adopt, be, watch, see, track, travel along
Catalan deduir se, empaitar, guiar se, perseguir, seguir
Galician seguir, acordarse, lembrarse, recordar
Portuguese seguir, compreender, entender

keep up

English follow, keep abreast, keep pace, conserve, prolong
Spanish conservar, mantener, estar al corriente, estar al dìa, estar al día, mantener despierto, mantenerse al corriente, quedarse despierto, quedarse levantado, seguir
Catalan estar al corrent, estar al dia, seguir
Galician continuar, desvelar, estar ao día, manter esperto, manterse, manterse esperto, manterse informado, seguir

keep on

English continue, harp, retain, perseverate


English keep on, proceed, stay, abide, bear on, carry on, continuation bet, retain, cover, go along, go on, keep, last, maintain, persist in, preserve, proceed with, uphold
Spanish continuar, seguir, mantener, persistir, preservar, proseguir
Catalan continuar, persistir, seguir
Portuguese continuar, manter, prosseguir, sustenar, seguir

keep up with

Spanish ir al paso, seguir


English follow, overdate
Galician seguir, suceder, vir detrás de


English follow, survey
Spanish seguir, vigilar
Catalan seguir, vigilar


English pursue, chase, salmon portland chase, chase after, give chase, pursuit, furrow, dog, drive on, emboss, go after, harrow, run after, tag, tail, track, trail
Spanish chase manhattan bank, persecución, buscar, cortejar, flirtear, grabar, perseguir, rastrear
Catalan empaitar, perseguir, rastrejar, seguir, seguir la pista, persecució
Portuguese ir à caça, perseguir, perseguição


English chase, follow, act on, drive on, follow up on, harrow, quest for, prosecute, run after
Catalan empaitar, perseguir, seguir


English continue, progress, arise, go, go forward, move
Spanish continuar, avanzar, ir, proceder, seguir
Catalan anar, avançar, continuar, procedir, prosseguir, seguir
Portuguese adiantar se, avançar, continuar, ir, progredir, prosseguir, seguir


English proceed, progress, advance, advancement, come along, come on, forward motion, get along, get on, go forward, onward motion, procession, build up, progression, shape up, way
Spanish adelantamiento, avance, avanzar, evolución, progresar, progresión, progreso
Catalan avanç, avançament, avançar, avenç, evolució, progressar, progressió, progrés
Portuguese avançar, avanço, progredir, progresso, progressão, seguir


English continue, persist, stay on, stay over, stay put, delay, detain, keep one's word, remain, rest, restraint, sojourn, staff, mastrope, arrest, abide, attend, await, bear, blin, cancel, cease, contend, curb, endure, wait, quell, bide, last out, stick, stick around, suspension, tarry
Spanish hospedarse, pasar la noche, permanecer, quedarse, detener, diferir, estancia, permanencia, retrasar, seguir
Catalan allotjar se, demorar, endarrerir, estada, hostatjar se, interrupció, mantenir se, permanència, quedar, quedar se, restar, retardar, romandre, seguir
Galician ficar, quedar
Portuguese atrasar, continuar, estar, ficar, manter, permanecer, permanência


English follow, final result, arise, ensue, harvest, outcome, resultant role, solution, consequence, leave, resultant, termination
Spanish resultar, consecuencia, resultado, seguir, suceder
Catalan resultar, resultat, seguir, succeir
Portuguese placar, redundar, resultado, resultar, seguir, seguir se, sobrevir, suceder


English stay, endure, last, persevere, prevail, pursue one’s point, remain
Spanish permanecer, persistir, quedar, seguir
Catalan albergar, allotjar, persistir, quedar, quedar se, restar, romandre, seguir
Galician continuar, permanecer, persistir, quedar
Portuguese albergar, ficar, permanecer, restar


English follow, come in, come up, add up, amount, appear, arise, arrive, semen, occur, derive, do, fall, hail, issue forth, total, ejaculate, excuse me, gather, get
Spanish venir, entrar, llegar, recorrer, resultar, suceder, venirse
Catalan acostar se, apropar se, aproximar se, arribar, resultar, seguir, venir
Portuguese ir, provir, vir


English abstract, go back to drawing board, pick up on, re start, reassume, restart, curriculum vitae, précis, sketch, sum up, take up
Spanish continuar, reanudar, reanudarse, retomar, proseguir, reactivar, reiniciar, renovar
Catalan continuar, prosseguir, reprendre, seguir, resum, sumari
Portuguese continuar, prosseguir, recomeçar, retomar


English attend, play along, attach to, company, conduct, convey, escort
Portuguese acompanhar, seguir

seguir antonyms

discontinue, terminate, lead, precede, stop, halt, guide, trail, interrupt, pause, command key, recede, unfollow, come to halt, predate, antedate, wait, wait on, legal recourse, regress, back down, back off, come before, fall back, go backward, guide book, guide on, introduce, lead in, lead out, lead story, pencil lead, tour guide, tourist guide, suspend, simply, abate, abort, arrest, break, break up, cease, conclude, cut off, debar, disarrange, break off, disrupt, disturb, do, drag along, foothold, freeze, give up, crippled, brake, stem, hang, hold, impede, interpose, lay off, reasoning backward, withdraw, regression, backslide, relapse, revert, retrograde, retrogress, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, end, fire, command, guidebook, fail, behind, culprit, perpetrator

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