seguro synonyms and antonyms


English certain p, sure, certain, unavoidable, sealed, doubtless, inevitable, positive, some
Spanish cierto, inevitable, seguro
Galician certo, seguro
Portuguese inevitável, certo
vec certo, serto, çerto

certain p

English certain, sure
Galician certo, seguro


English sure footed, self assured, confidant, informer, convinced, positive, sanguine
Spanish confiado, seguro de sí mismo, seguro, confidente
Galician confiado, seguro
Portuguese confiante, seguro

sure footed

English confident, surefooted


English certain p, certain, for certain, muss be, sorrel, sura, ok, indisputable, trusted
Portuguese indefectível, certo, seguro
vec seguro, serto, sigur, siguro, çerto

for sure

English for certain, fo shizzle, soitenly
Spanish a ciencia cierta, por seguro, seguro

self confident

English self assured, selfsecure
Spanish seguro, seguro de sí mismo
Portuguese auto confiante, seguro de si


English dependable, safe, acquire, act out, assure, axe, carry through, fasten, insure, lash, neutralize, paralyse, protect, reliable, safetify, unattackable, guarantee, batten, plug, procure, trustworthy, unafraid, untroubled
Spanish resguardado, seguro, garantizar
Galician certo, seguro, sen medo
Portuguese a salvo, seguro


English secure, safe, faithful, responsible, trustworthy, trusty, reliable, steady going, good, honest, true
Spanish fiable, seguro
Portuguese confiável, digno de confiança, fiável

safety pin

Spanish imperdible, seguro
Portuguese alfinete de dama, fíbula, alfinete, alfinete de ama, alfinete de fralda, alfinete de segurança


English secure, dependable, safe, coffer, comfortable, dangerless, prophylactic, riskfree, harmless, trustworthy, wicked, condom, strongbox
Spanish caja fuerte, salvo, seguro
Galician salvo, seguro
Portuguese cofre, a salvo, salvo, seguro
fil ligtas, kahang bakal


English insurance, assurance, policy, indemnity
Spanish seguro, contrato de seguro
Portuguese contrato de seguro, seguro


English security, security system, security department, security measures, certificate, fence, protection, reimbursement, guarantee, safety, surety
Spanish confianza, seguridad, certificado, departamento de seguridad, fianza, firmeza, garantía, protección, seguro, título, valor
Portuguese certificado, garantia, segurança, seguro, valor mobiliário


English fast, colour fast, solid, lavishness, pomp, luxury, all but, almost, nearly, debauched, deep, easy, expeditiously, express, quickly, swift, swiftly, ahead, firm, fortified, quick, degenerate, flying, immobile, truehearted, fasting, deeply, firmly, tight, short acting, snappy, speedy, tenacious, unflinching, reindeer
Spanish casi, ayunar, animado, rápidamente, rápido, veloz
Galician adiantado, rápido, xaxún
Portuguese jejuar, jejum, rápido, quase, firme, seguro, ficar de jejum
vec dexunar, dezunar, dixunar, dizunar, xunar, zunar


English covenant of warranty, guarantee
Spanish garantía, seguro


English self assured, sicker, sanguine


English bulletproof, goofproof, unfailing
Spanish seguro, certero
Portuguese à prova de erros, à prova de falhas


Spanish protegido, seguro


Galician resgardado, protexido


English demonstrable, unequivocal, univocal
Spanish definido, definitivo, fijo, preciso, seguro

seguro antonyms

in danger, uncertain, indefinite, insecure, unsure, hazard, contingent, impossible, vague, guard, chance, danger, regret, contingent upon, unprotected, adventurous, insecurity, guard duty, iffy, gambling, needy, accident, adventuresome, enterprising, rash, allotment, casual, incidental, destitude, detail, dicey, doubtable, doubtful, dubious, dubitable, equivocal, impoverished, improbable, incertain, indigent, unsafe, insecureness, self doubt, poverty stricken, poor, nonprotected, undependable, unreliable, agnostic, diffident, weak, dodgy, doubting, untrustworthy, in question, sceptical, dangerous, odds, break, occasion, opening, opportunity, possibility, room, unachievable, shadowy, compunction, critical, risk, hazardous, perilous, risky, life threatening, endangerment, extreme, gamble, grief, guilt, luck, guess, venture, unpossible, out of question, unacceptable, imprecise, jeopardize, jeopardy, menace, orgulous, peril, sorrow

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