sentry synonyms and antonyms


English sentry, sentinel, lookout man, lookout station, surveillance, vigil, watch, observation post, observation tower, observatory, outlook, picket, scout, spotter
German ausguck, auslug, ausschau
Spanish atalaya, guardia, mirador, puesto de observación
Italian esploratore, osservatorio, piantone, scolta, sentinella, torre di osservazione


English lookout, sentinel, protector, kite, guard, sentry
Dutch sentry, schildwacht
German sentry, wachposten, schildwache, wache
Spanish sentry, centinela
Italian sentry, guardia, sentinella


English lookout, sentry, sentinel, trailer
German the sentinel, wachposten, wache, wächter, wächterin
Spanish the sentinel, centinela, guarda
Italian the sentinel, sentinella


English sentry, guard, protector, solicitous, protective garment, defender, ombudsman, minder, protective, tutelar, mantelet, benefactor
Dutch behoeder, beschermer, beschermheer, protecteur
German protektor, beschützer
Spanish protector, protectora
Italian protettore, protettrice


English sentry, kite, discover, see
Dutch vliegeren, wouwen, wouw
German drachen, drachenviereck, milan
Spanish aguililla, milano, cometa, volar como cometa, volar una cometa
Italian nibbio, aquilone


English sentry, protector, guard, guard duty, bodyguard, captor, corrections officer, fence, fender, protection, quillon, precaution, defend, jailer, protect, safety, safety device, tend, ticket collector, ward
Dutch guard, bewaker, lijfwacht, wacht
German guard, bewachen, garde, schaffner, schutzhaube, wache, wachposten, zugbegleiter, wächter
Spanish guarda, guardia, base, defensa, escolta, evitar, guardar, protección, proteger
Italian guardia, piantone, costudire, custodire, guardarsi, guardia del corpo, guardia giurata, sorvegliare

sentry antonyms

prisoner, attack, unprotected, inmate, protected, convict, inpatient, nonprotected, weak, saved, captive, internee, affect, aggress, assail, assault, approach, fire, attempt, denounce, drive, incursion, lash out, lunge, prisoness, onrush, onset, onslaught, raid, round, snipe, thrust, tone beginning, visitation

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