sight synonyms and antonyms

catch sight of

English espy, sight, descry, glimpse, perceive


English catch sight of, sight, descry


English catch sight of, sight, sleuth, snoop, intelligencer, descry, stag, undercover agent, vomit


English catch sight of, visual modality, visual sense, espy, ken, scope, appear, view, batch, aim, spy, vision, sense, see


English scope, sight, aim at, aim for, take aim, aol instant messenger, attempt, bearing, bent, course, direction, effort, endeavor, final cause, intent, object, objective, proclivity, purpose, reason, scheme, target, tendency, undertaking, aspiration, calculate, draw bead on, drive, direct, end, propose, purport, set about, struggle, take, train


English aim, scope, sight, ambit, compass, orbit, range, reach, oscilloscope, telescope, setting, umbrella


English aim, appear, see, sight, idea, aspect, consider, eyeshot, look, look at, mind, panorama, prospect, purpose, scene, survey, take, appearance, inspection, perspective, regard, horizon, opinion, position, watch, vista


English sight, answer, appearance, arise, arrive, become, come, crop out, dawn, emerge, have, heave in sight, known, look, loom, obvious, occur, offer, oneself, open, present, seem, turn up, visible, come along, come into being, come into sight, come out, look like, materialize


English view, vision, sight, apparition, dream, eyesight, premonition, imagination, envision, visual sensation


English view, sight, see to it, sea, lake, ascertain, assure, call on, cee, check, consider, control, ensure, escort, insure, it, lo, look


English batch, sight, batch processing, group, recipe, run, pressing, clutch, deal, flock, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, mickle, mint, mountain, muckle, passel, peck, pile, plenty, pot, quite little, raft, slew, spate, stack, tidy sum, wad


English ken, sight, and, chin, cognizance, kentucky, kenning, knowledge, laugh, laughter, minus, perceive, perception, understand, while, minus sign


English sense, sight, common sense, scythe, less

sight antonyms

near sight, short sight, anopia, blindness, disappear, vanish, shortsightedness, amb, continuous, hide, blind, model, sound, taste, vanishing, antisense, mathematical model, sightlessness, code smell, fashion model, hide out, negative sense, sense of smell, smell, dissolve, blocked, fly, go away, plugged, role model, sense of taste, taste perception, taste sensation, hear, foolish, button, key, pushbutton, absurd, addled, appreciation, as you wish, asinine, bang, ablepsy, cecity, break up, connected, constant, crossbow, dematerialize, dethaw, melt, discernment, dismiss, fade out, formelt, disband, divorce, fade away, fantastic, foolhardy, idiotic, ridiculous, silly, unwise

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