silný synonyms and antonyms


English intense, acute, vivid, severe, with vengeance
Czech intenzivní, silný, vášnivý


English strong willed, burly, firm, hard, hardy, hefty, high, loud, nonweak, powerful, resilient, stallwart, strenuous, ardent, concentrated, durable, extreme, forceful, impregnable, irregular, rank, healthy, potent, substantial, unattackable, forcefully, warm

silný antonyms

powerless, flimsy, frail, weak, diluted, regular, mild, week, fragile, forceless, calendar week, decrepit, feeble, pallid, wishy washy, dilute, faint, faintly, puny, slight, unforceful, weak minded, brittle, cheap, tenuous, unconvincing, onionskin, delicate, imperfect, insubstantial, weedy, soft, regulate, tune, mediocre, so so, baffle, time, gentle, adjust, amiable, amicable, bland, breakable, caffeinated, denizen, destroyable, equable, even, fixture, forbearing, breakly, destructible, friable, frequent, habitue, just, lenient, mightless, strengthless, vulnerable, brickle, brittleness, ailing, hebdomad, lame, languid, limp, little, balmy, modest, natural, peaceable, punctual, normal, steady, uniform, unconstipated, veritable, frequenter, suave, pithless, sennight, vincible

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