single synonyms and antonyms


English single person, single ticket, bingle, loverless, quirkyalone, unmarried, bachelorette, concerted, singles, individual, matchless, lone, unbroken, exclusive, odd, one, single
German single, alleinstehende, alleinstehender, einmalig, einzeln, individuell, ledig, allein, einzig
French single, célibataire, seul, commun, compartiment individuel, simple, monoplage
Czech jednoduchý, jednotlivý, samotný

single ticket

English single, one way ticket


English single, prang, collision


English single, celibate


English single, celibate, nonmarried, unhitched, unwed, unwedded
German alleinstehend, unverheiratet, ledig, solo
Czech nevdaná, neženatý, svobodná, svobodný
Norwegian single, ugift
Danish single, ugift


English spinster, bachelor girl, celibatist, maiden
German single, fräulein, junggesellin
French célibataire, demoiselle


English common, generic, conjunct, conjunctive, cooperative, joint
French single, communal, joint, mutual, commun, scop


Norwegian single, singel


English single, individual, discrete, case by case, personal, personalized, person, place mat, private, singular, specimen, sundry, detached
German einzel, individuell, individuum
French individu, individuel, particulier, personnel, privé, séparer
Czech jednotlivý, jedinec, jednotlivec
Norwegian individ, enkeltperson
Danish individ, individuel, species


English single, nonpareil, peerless, unattached, unequaled, unmatched, unparalleled, unsurpassed, incomparable, one and only, unequalled


English single, lone, alone, only, lonely, solitary, wage
German lone, einzeln
French lone, seul, isolé


English single, kept, complete, continuous, untamed, unplowed
French entier, entière, continu, entretenu


English single, exclusive, exclusively, characteristic, scoop, sole, trendy, undivided
German ausschliesslich, exklusiv
French exclusif, seul


English single, and change, some, about, bizarre, strange, funny, unexpended, unmatched, oppositional defiant disorder, peculiar, ridiculous, rum, uneven
German skurril, einzeln
French drôle de, fantasque, impair, étrange


English single, one, one and only, them, they, 1, ace, eleven, i, first rate, right, unitary, unity, you, oxo, sand
German a one, ein, eins, man, mensch, sand, schnalzen, verstehen, on, der auserwählte, die auserwählte
French one, the one, elles, ils, un, l élu, l élue, 10, celui, l’ un, moi, on, sable, seul, tel
Czech one, ona, oni, ony, jednička
Danish en, on

single antonyms

return ticket, round trip ticket, dual, common, normal, non exclusive, eclectic, broken, chord, miss, nation, double, group, exoteric, collective noun, collective, broken in, crowd together, crowd, each, from each one, even out, even, student nation, carry amelia moore nation, tame, domesticated, included, inclusive, broaden, chemical group, common land, domestic, double over, double quick, heterogeneous, eclecticist, including, inclusionary, inclusively, mathematical group, married, standard, bom, duple, perpendicular, run of mill, usual, state, kingdom, abrupt, any, at rate of, birthright, broke, busted, disordered, humiliated, impoverished, bunch

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