sklep synonyms and antonyms


English joint, basement, cellar, store, shop
Czech sklepení, vinný, suterén


English joint, spliff, articulate, articulatio, articulation, blunt, concerted, doobie, gasket, combined, concurrent, conjoint, multiservice, hinge, junction, juncture, splice, roast, join, unite, jointing, link, marijuana cigarette, place of business, reefer, stick, toke tube, flange, seal
Czech kloub, společný
Polish joint, staw


English cellar, basement
Czech sklep, suterén
Polish piwnica, podziemie, suterena


English basement, root cellar, wine cellar
Polish piwnica, loch


English shop, store away, store up, accumulate, box room, fund, hive away, house, lay in, put in, salt away, stack away, stash away, stock, storage room, boutique, memory, storehouse, storeroom, sturgeon, blind, blinds, shade, shades, window blind, sunglasses


English store, shop, metal shop, shop class, browse, go shopping, house, atelier, boutique, carpentry, garage, office, workshop, denounce, patronize
Czech obchod, prodejna
Polish sklep, punkt, skład

sklep antonyms

attic, library, depository library, upstairs, program library, subroutine library, upstair, on higher floor, noggin, noodle, loft, ionic, bean, bonce, dome, garret, bookhouse, prebound

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