skončit synonyms and antonyms


English finish, finish up, finish off, come to end, complete, destination, do, finalize, coating, ending, polish, stopping point, eat up, end, finishing, goal
Czech končit, skončit, konec


English refrain, stay, anchor, arrest, desert, discontinue, end
Czech zastavit se, skončit

skončit antonyms

beginning, begin, commence, initiate, start, attack, incomplete abortion, incomplete, menachem begin, head start, materialize, start off, start out, start up, take it away, get down, enlightened, unwhole, uncompleted, induct, novice, introduce, lead up, broach, originate, install, learned person, pioneer, pundit, savant, uncomplete, unfinished, arise, first, initial, commencing, element, head, origin

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