skoro jasno synonyms and antonyms


English sanguine, smart, sunny, acute, animated, argent, auspicious, beaming, beamy, blazing, burnished, cheerful, cheering, cheery, clear, cloudless, coruscating, dazzling, discerning, effulgent, encouraging, enlivening, exhilarating, famous, favorable, flaming, flashing, fulgent, glaring, gleaming, glimmering, glistening, glistering, glittering, glorious, glossy, glowing, illustrious, ingenious, inspiring, keen, lambent, light, limpid, lively, lucent, lucid, luciferous, luminiferous, lustrous, merry, nitid, noontide, pellucid, pleasant, promising, propitious, refulgent, resplendent, scintillant, scintillating, sheeny, shining, silvery, smiling, sparkling, splendid, sprightly, twinkling, untroubled, vivacious, vivid, brilliant, undimmed, brightly, deep, light coloured
Czech skoro jasno, jasný, světlý

skoro jasno antonyms

dull witted, slow witted, slow, dirty, dingy, inky, dark, black, dim, smart, super, obtuse, gray, feebleminded, inky black, obtuse angled, thomas gray, murky, oh really, really, super duper, dismal, begrimed, disconsolate, muddied, gray haired, asa gray, louis harold gray, robert gray, shade, dull, curtain, fill in, no, not, smoke, tue, wan, gy, grey, abate, actually, addled, almost, as matter of fact, black market, pitch black, joseph black, shirley temple black, blunt, boring, brainy, bully, copacetic, corpse, bleak, dense, dimmed, shadowy, subdued, blind, blur, darken, dolor, lackluster, deadening, leaden, softened, thudding, sluggish, dullen, pall, muffle, numb, duplet, feeble, fly, get outta here, gormless, honestly, hurt, in reality, inactive, insipid, is that so, muddy, naughty, no duh, no kidding, no shit, obtund, deadened, purblind, rattling, real, you don't say, so, genuinely, in truth, savvy

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