skutečný synonyms and antonyms


English actual, real, real number, straight, de facto, genuine, tangible, existent, money, authentic, true, substantial, veridical, rei, really, regal, royal, factual
Czech reálný, skutečný, reál


English real, actual, cutting edge, on going, up to date, positive, present, factual, genuine, at moment, current, existent, nontheoretical, topical, present day

skutečný antonyms

ingenuine, fake, false, pretend, act, nominal, fantasy, imagination, fiction, character, future, ghost, potential, illusion, hypothetical, act as, act on impulse, fictional character, character reference, future tense, ungenuine, electric potential, nominative, conditional, conjectural, counterfeit, dissemble, fancy, fantasize, supposititious, likely, minor, smaller, phantasy, littler, affect, apparition, bad, be, case, quality, charlatan, coming, copy, eccentric, faux, phoney, feint, juke, imposter, adulterate, pass off, bullshit, forge, fudge, lease, untrue

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