skutek synonyms and antonyms


English act, deed, deed of conveyance, action, achievement, contract, derring do, document, fact, feat, indenture, reality, truth, effort, exploit, letterbox, thing, title
Czech skutek, listina, čin


English deed, act
Czech podnik, čin


English deed, act, act as, act on impulse, actuality, bill, decree, edict, enactment, fact, feat, law, number, ordinance, pretense, proceeding, reality, statute, turn, impersonate, portray, pretend, dissemble, work, behave, bit, conduct, conduct oneself, do, have effect, human action, human activity, move, play, playact, represent, roleplay, routine, take action
Czech skutek, jednání, čin

skutek antonyms

do nothing, do naught, band, sin, do, faineant, idler, slacker, real, nothing, dance band, do nothing plan nothing, sine, son, qing dynasty, ribbon, tape, conveyor belt, string, ligament, ring, isthmus, set, banding, blame, blunder, bond, boob, breast, consort, cordon, drop ball, fret, goof, grave, group, her, hers, herself, his, impeccable, less, nanna, nexus, one's, offence, sinfulness, sinning, son translations, song, strap, stria, striation, stripe, swathe, tendon, their, tome, transgress, trespass, tyre, unprecedented, waterless, wickedness, without

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