skvrna synonyms and antonyms


English stain, spot, blot, smudge, blotch, smear, smirch


English blot, stain, spot
Czech flek, kaňka


English blot, blotch, discoloration, discolouration, mark, dirt, tarnish, stone


English blot, spot, proverb, autosoliton, bit, blob, blotch, catch sight of, contumely, dapple, diversify, drip, fleck, maculation, nickname, patch, pimple, pip, point, saying, speckle, sport, position, spotlight, smudge, topographic point, touch, blemish, descry, recognize, variegate, ad, commercial

skvrna antonyms

bleach, clean, bleach out, thesaurus:clean, clean living, clean and jerk, clean out, clean up, make clean, shade, stripe, bar, diversify, bleaching agent, blanch, curtain, decolor, decolorise, decolorize, decolour, decolourise, decolourize, discolorise, discolorize, discolourise, fill in, streak, strip, blow, color, lash, stroke, band, chevron, variegate, wale, whiplash, european chub, blank, neat, sportsmanlike, unclouded, uninfected, fairly, cleanse, scavenge, houseclean, clear, cradle, fair, fresh, legible, lampshade, ghost, nuance, tad, shadow, shadiness, shadowiness, tincture, tint, tone, pick, plum, plumb, rinse, uncontaminating, unobjectionable, untainted

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