slavnost synonyms and antonyms


Czech festival, oslava, společnost, svátek


English party, political party, do, adherents, alice, company, fiesta, followers, gathering, part, bash, supporters, nonaligned
Czech slavnost, party, mejdan, večírek, strana

slavnost antonyms

lonely, solo, funeral, evening, meeting, sleep, home, group meeting, do work, work, stay on, stay, stay over, stay put, boredom, soil, land, earth, topsoil, stand alone, alone, automatically, by oneself, ground, home base, home page, home plate, itself, lone, nursing home, piece of work, put to work, rest home, studying, perusal, tedium, work on, burial, ennui, desolate, lonesome, solitary, unfrequented, catch some z's, coming together, congress, continue, delay, detain, dormancy, dormition, encounter, eve, even, undern, eventide

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