sledovat synonyms and antonyms


English angry walk, harrow, chaff, haunt, stalking, stem, still hunt
Czech sledovat, stonek, stopovat, vykračovat si


English stalk, watch, follow
Czech dívat se, pozorovat, následovat, zjišťovat, zkoumat, stopovat, šmírovat


English follow, watch, keep watch, watch for, watch out, watch over, attention, catch, keep eye on, look, look at, look on, look out, lookout, observe, see, spy on, take in, ticker, view, vigil, determine, wristwatch
Czech sledovat, hodinky, dívat se, hlídat


English watch, follow, act on, act upon, arise, come after, conform to, fall out, comply, ensue, pursue, succeed, trail, keep up, stick to, trace, take after, play along, surveil, adopt, be, come, postdate, result, see, track, travel along
Czech sledovat, následovat, vyplývat

sledovat antonyms

lead, precede, trail, guide, clock, time, command key, unfollow, guide book, guide on, tour guide, tourist guide, come before, introduce, lead in, lead out, lead story, pencil lead, ignore, apprisal, telling, command, guidebook, behind, come after, cut, disregard, drag along, misheed, neglect, turn blind eye, unheed, unmind, dismiss, notification, forego, predate, preface, premise, snub, cogent, impressive, telltale, relation, tattle, aback, abaft, after, appointment, in back of

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