slepice synonyms and antonyms


English hen, chicken
Czech kur, kvočna, pipka, slépka, slípka


English chicken, hen, hen bird, kip, old, them, whetstone, asthma, biddy, great, hard clam


English hen, chicken, spring chicken, chickenhearted, biddy, twink, wimp, coward, gallus gallus, junglefowl, poulet, uncourageous, volaille
Czech slepice, kur, kur domácí, kuře, kuřecí, kuřecí maso

slepice antonyms

cock, rooster, steak, beef, turkey, egg, pork, tuna, brave, chick, chick blinds, tap, beef cattle, moo cow, cow, opuntia tuna, pork barrel, tuna fish, duck's egg, duck, duck down, egg cell, egg translations, new, republic of turkey, danube, soil, anguilla sucklandii, beefsteak, bomb, box office bomb, brawler, dud, eel, grate, grill, moll, being, cowflesh, oxflesh, gripe, organism, beingness, biddy, bird, boeuf, chanticleer, fledgling, dame, cockbird, stopcock, hammer, swagger, complain, dick, existence, face of earth, fart, gal, john thomas, overawe, pecker, penis, porc

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