slovní synonyms and antonyms


English verbal, non finite verb, rhematic, lectic, verbid, oral
Czech slovní, ústní


English word, word up, discussion, account, commitment, draw up, message, term, verb, verbivore, vocable, bible, news, parole, password, logos, give voice, wordian
Czech slovní, slovo

slovní antonyms

finite verb, non finite verb, non verbal, unsaid, paragraph, last word, non word, book of numbers, numbers, numbers pool, implied, implicit, unverbalised, unspoken, talk of town, talk, sentence, talc, condemn, convict, doom, judge, part, penalty, conviction, verdict, prison term, adage, adjudication, maxim, proverb, saying, sir hiram stevens maxim, conversation, converse, gas, lecture, mouth, speak, talcum, conference, spill, spill beans, talking, utter, verbalise, verbalize

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