soif synonyms and antonyms


English crave, thirst, hunger


English thirst, hunger, crave, affect, demand, desire, long for, need, plead, require, yearn for, jones, lust, pant, starve, want, chough
French soif, désirer, souhaiter, frégile, faim, mourir, mourir de faim


English crave, hunger, craving, desire, longing, thirstiness


English crave, thirst, hunger, famine, be, starve, hungriness, starvation, thirstiness
French soif, faim, avoir faim

soif antonyms

satiation, satiety, drink, full, repletion, drink in, drink to excess, full moon, full house, bever, beverage, booze, boozing, crapulence, alcohol, gulp, swallow, toast, drinking, drunkenness, fuddle, have, hit bottle, imbibe, tope, leaf, sheet, ample, brim, brother german, drunk, drunken, foil, all way, gills, gunnels, max, tonsils, abounding, baggy, complete, entire, glutted, broad, embonpoint, replete, total, wide cut, walk, wax, fully, good, houseleek, pissed, proper, sated, tight as tick, waulk

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