soigner synonyms and antonyms

take care of

English care for, attend, bump off
French soigner, prendre soin de, s occuper de, s’ occuper de

care for

English take care of, look after, remedy, heal, maintain, treat, tend, besee, think much of, cherish, hold dear, treasure
French attend, cure, soigner, aimer, cassette, choyer, chérir, dorloter, guérir, tenir à, trésor


English take care of, tend to, care for, accompany, advert, behear, bestand, notice, serve, call on, give ear, go to, hang, listen, look, pay heed, see, service, stay, take care, wait
French soigner, aider, assister, consulter, fréquenter, jeter, marcher, paraître, présent, réexaminer, sembler, visiter, voir, vérifier


English take care of, look after, tend to, bring around, care for, cure, heal, maintain, attend, nurse, remedy, treat, tutor, help, care, tend
French bichonner, cajoler, chouchouter, choyer, chérir, combler, coucounner, couver, câliner, dorloter, entourer, mignarder, mignoter, pouponner, prendre soin, gâter, occuper, soin, traiter

look after

French soigner, garder, occuper, veiller, protéger


English bring around, care for, remedy, heal, cure, bake, chick, cook, make whole, parsonage, prophylactic, treatment
French soigner, cure, the cure, traitement, guérir, assainir, paroisse, presbytère

bring around

English cure, heal, bring to, bring round
French soigner, assainir, guérir, traiter


English bring around, care for, cure, health, half, get better, mend
French soigner, assainir, guérir, rajuster, recouvrer

tend to

French attend, nurse, soigner, care


English tend to, nurse, nanny, sip, breastfeed, harbor, sister
French soigner, allaiter, donner le sein, gardien, infirmier, infirmière


English care for, cure, help, allowance, curative, expedience, prophylactic, relieve, remediate, remeid, redress, correct, rectify, therapeutic
French soigner, remède, assainir, guérir, remédier, réformer


English care for, proceed with, upkeep, adopt, defend, go on, hang onto, continue, declare, sustain, observe, assert, keep, uphold, conserve, wield
French soigner, conserver, continuer, défendre, entretenir, maintenir, tenir


English care for, banquet, deal with, do by, doctor, entertainment, feast, handle, leech, like charm, dainty, behandle, process, cover, regale, use
French soigner, négocier, assimiler, guérir, réserver, traiter


English tend to, care, aid, anxiety, attention, burden, carefulness, caution, concern, custody, guardianship, heed, keep, oversight, perplexity, regard, responsibility, solicitude, superintendence, trouble, vigilance, wariness, watchfulness, worry, wish, manage, charge, deal with, face, give care, maintenance, tending, tutelage, upkeep, which
French soigner, soin, souci, intéresser, soucier, aide, aider, attention, care international, entretien, importer, maintenance, occuper, préoccuper, qui, tenue, tutelle, veiller


English care for, attend to, be given, incline, lean, run, guard
French soigner, de, traiter, aider, avoir tendance à, courir, tendre, traiter de


English tutor, custodian, defender, coach, defend, guardian, helpmate, protect, protector
French soigner, précepteur, répétiteur, tuteur, tutorat


English remedy, help, help oneself, household help, adjuvate, aid, assist, attend to, benefit, comfort, daily, facilitate, favor, give hand, assistance, helper, servant, avail, assistant, avert, contribute, serve, lift, prevent, succor
French soigner, aide, secours, aider, secourir, aider à, assister, au secours, faciliter, la couleur des sentiments, à l’ aide, épauler

soigner antonyms

do nothing, do naught, abandon, leave, doctor, physician, harm, hurt, wound, hinder, poison, trick, disease, break, do, faineant, idler, slacker, hurting, pain, painful, play trick on, magic trick, giving, assignment, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, cut of meat, cut, cut off, thesaurus:disease, doctor of church, gift, bighearted, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, lucky break, percussion break, doctor of medicine, do nothing plan nothing, obstacle, wholesale, abandonment, relinquishment, aband, wantonness, wildness, adjure, cast off, cede, deliver up, demit, desert, drop, evacuate, forego, forsake, forswear, give over, give up, lay down, let go, part with, quit, relinquish, renounce, resign, surrender, vacate, waive, yield, abdicate, blin, cast aside, depart, desist, dispense, forgo, forlet, jilt, retire, run out on, withdraw, withsake, abatis, abuse, ache, annoy, back, bruise, clog, combat injury, conclude, cross, damage, desolate, desuetude, detain, detriment, disturb, ditch, embarrass, empoison, envenom, gas, injury, mischief, wrong, injure, scathe, hind

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