soir synonyms and antonyms


English night, evening, eve, even, undern, eventide, nightfall
French soir, evening, crépuscule, après midi, soirée


English evening, night
French soirée, vêpre


English evening, night, good night, night out, dark, evening out, blackness, sleep, nighttime, nox, cabaret
French soir, night club, nuit, boite de nuit, buongiorno, la nuit, nocturne, noirceur, nox, nuitée, obscurité, soirée, sombre

soir antonyms

daylight, daytime, dawn, day, afternoon, party, early morning, morning, all time, day in and day out, time, good afternoon, break of dawn, early, early on, brightness, refulgence, smartness, birthday, early in morning, luminosity, cleverness, clarence shepard day jr, sidereal day, break of day, crack of dawn, daybreak, intelligence, mean solar day, p.m, political party, solar day, aurora, red of dawn, arvo, appear, birthdate, cockcrow, beginning, sunrise, twilight, click, dawning, dayspring

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