soit synonyms and antonyms

so be it

French soit, ainsi soit il, qu il en soit ainsi


English so be it, let be, either, whether
French je dis pas, ou, ou bien, à savoir

let be

French soit, laisser tranquille


English each, both
French soit, chaque, non plus, ou


English whether or not, if
French soit, que, si, si oui ou non

soit antonyms

nor, or, all, neither, cloud, and or, daughter in law, inclusive or, both, at same time, booth, each, hut, norwegian, than, who, alder, garlic, gold, aureate, amber, every, everybody, everyone, everything, completely, altogether, an, at rate of, clove, ear, er, eternity, george, gold translations, like, ling, long tailed duck, other, outer space, vinegar, enclosure, now, ster, o, operating room, oregon, ore, pray, shame, slash, to, wood, dog, gilded, darling

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