solde synonyms and antonyms


English balance, pay, end
French balance, bilan, dette


English balance, balance sheet, balance wheel, libra, proportion, account, disinterest, equilibrium, scales, counterweight, remainder, symmetry, adjust, cast accounts, clear, compare, compensate, counteract, counterbalance, counterpoise, equalize, equilibrate, make up for, neutralize, reckon, square, trim, weigh, poise, compensation, equilibrise, equilibrize, equipoise, remaining, scale, stool pigeon, stocktaking, profit and loss, weighing machine
French solde, balance, équilibre, bascule, dynamomètre, peson, trébuchet, balancement, balancer, bilan, bordille, cafteur, délateur, indic, pondérer, poucave, pèse personne, reliquat, rééquilibrer, équilibrer


English pay up, pay off, tendon, action, ante up, compensate, compensation, fee, he, make up, numerator, wage, give, yield, pie, portion, remuneration, she, straw
French solde, payer, acquitter, appointer, compenser, consacrer, financer, indemniser, payer payer, prêter, rembourser, rémunérer, salaire, saluer, veiller, verser


English end, come to end, ing, aim, and, apex, cease, close, conclude, death, destruction, do, conclusion, goal, purpose, termination, ending, finish, last, newline, oddment, point, remainder, remnant, shut up, stop, sunset, terminal, terminate, than, india
French solde, bout, extrémité, fin, achever, arrêter, but, cesser, clore, confins, dernier, dessein, destruction, expiration, finalité, finir, frontière, inde, issue, la fin, limite, que, résilier, terme, terminaison, terminer, tisser, tramer, einde

solde antonyms

ect, beginning, slip, steal, bias, begin, er, free, charge, denominator, menachem begin, electroconvulsive therapy, ecthr, owe, nun, bursting charge, electric charge, explosive charge, free of charge, free people, slip of paper, slip of tongue, slip one's mind, slip up, taxes, receive, lend, erbium, earn, aire, river aire, eure, lake eyre, stiff, sell, briefs, abstract, accept, acquire, add, bargain, bent, bestow, betray, biased, prejudice, diagonal, bring, chore, contribute, deal, dock, drop away, drop off, eagle, deserve, yield, gain, eluding, elusion, error, fall away, filing card, find, garner, get, have, impart, incur, index card, invite, knock down, loan, lumbar, partiality, preconception, predetermine, canned, inflexible, blind drunk, buckram, potent, rigid, unfaltering, cadaver, stiffly, unflinching, win, mother, dam, uterus

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