solliciter synonyms and antonyms


English solicit, beg, plead, bid, demand, seek, command


English beg, invoke, hook, woo, tap
French solliciter, implorer, mendier, robinet


English solicit, beg, bey, pray, small, bag, case, assume, beige, crave, flight, implore
French solliciter, bouche, conjurer, implorer, mendier, mendigoter, prier, quémander, supplier, demander, quêter


French solliciter, plaider, implorer, prétexter


English command, beed, adjure, beseech, offer, invite, wish, bidding, call, conjure, entreat, genus, make offer, morsel, play, pray, press, tender, tooth
French solliciter, demander, ordonner, faire une enchère, achat, appeler, candidature, enchère, implorer, offre, offrir, presse, prier, tentative


English claim, crave, imposition, requirement, need, call for, necessitate, exact, postulate, request, want
French solliciter, demande, abattement, appeler, demander, exigence, exiger, revendication, réclame, réclamer


English be after, explore, go after, look for, search for, search, try
French solliciter, chercher, aspirer, essayer, tendre, trouver


English bid, command key, appointment, bidding, mastery, order, skill, instruction, decree, control, dominate, competence, dictation, knowledge, proficiency, require
French solliciter, commandement, commande, commander, commission, demander, exiger, maîtrise, ordre, requérir, sous la houlette de

solliciter antonyms

set aside, booked, engaged, request, ask, suspend, allow, suggestion, hide, follow, serve, set something aside, ask out, hide out, serve up, serve well, obey, persuasion, innuendo, listen, fraxinus excelsior, ash, supply, afford, arrivals, ask for, asking, assist, attend, attend to, bespeak, call for, dish, dish out, dish up, do, function, furnish, help, hit up, hearken, act on, act upon, arise, ash tree, necessitate, box, carucate, claim, come after, common ash, conceal, conform to, cover up, disguise, dissemble, enquire, expect, fall out, fell, comply, ensue, pursue, succeed, trail

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