sommaire synonyms and antonyms


English pithlike, terse, sententious, succinct
French sommaire, bref, succinct


English pithy, sketchy, concise, curt, perfunctory, contents, summary
French laconique, synthèse, table des matières


English dicey, dodgy, seedy, shady, unelaborated
French sommaire, incomplet, partiel, superficiel


English brief, succinct, terse, laconic, sententious
French sommaire, concis, succint, boncis


English brainless, dense, laconic, short, fool, idiot, blunt, brusque, abrupt, succinct, terse
French sommaire, abrupt, court


English automatic, casual, cursory, passing, dutiful, mechanical, obligatory, slipshod, unthinking, pro forma, superficial
French sommaire, négligeant, pour la forme, superficiel, token


English table of contents, content
French sommaire, contenu, table des matières


English summary, epitome, précis, recapitulation, succinct, sum, sum up, compendious, drumhead, upshot, synopsis
French sommaire, abrégé, contenu, résumé, synopsis

sommaire antonyms

careful, thoughtful, index, index finger, index number, verbose, chatty, thorough, considerate, deliberate, pensive, perissological, sedate, talkative, heedful, serious minded, long winded, wordy, complete, meticulous, strict, thoroughgoing, unadulterated, thrifty, wary, anxious, attentive, canny, cautious, circumspect, concerned, discreet, leery, mindful, regardful, solicitous, troubled, uneasy, watchful, measured, expectant, arrow finger, blacklist, done, entire, accomplished, concluded, consummate, accomplish, finish, dispatch, conclude, demonstrator, do, fill in, fill out, forefinger, full, home page, exponent, indicant, indication, indicator, inventory, make out, nail, proper, rank, round, turn, unbroken

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