sonner synonyms and antonyms

give ring

English ring bell, toll, phone up, telephone
French sonner, téléphoner

ring bell

English give ring, toll
French sonner, dire quelque chose


English give ring, ring bell, clang, peal, bleed, resound, toll, strike, sound, ring


English give ring, ring bell, toll, duty, pool, crazy, insane, mad, wild, banging, bore, chime, custom house, feather, gorgeous, groovy, inch, nifty, pen, perforate, plumage, puddle, puncture, tariff, customs, price, bell, bait, wow
French sonner, cool, fou, super, péage, sonnerie, aberrant, bilan, douane, flaque, formidable, furieux, impôt, plume, service de libre appel, taxe, tinter


English clang, clangor, clangoring, clangour, clank, clash, crash, go off
French sonner, clang, choc, tinter


English ring, chime, pealing, roll, rolling
French sonner, grondement, poteau, retentissement, tinter


English phlebotomise, phlebotomize, shed blood, run, haemorrhage, hemorrhage, leech
French saigner, sangsue


English ring, echo, make noise, reverberate
French sonner, retentir, résonner


English strike, strike plate, ten strike, appear, attain, bang, excise, expunge, hit, pounce, scratch, blow, rap, strickle, mint, affect, assume, fall upon, come to, fall, walk out, whip, work stoppage
French sonner, strike, barrer, biffer, rayer, accès, assaut, attaque, coup, forer, foudroyer, frappe, frapper, grève, heurter, parvenir, prix d’ exercice, rencontrer, trouver


English sound, auditory sensation, burst, go, good, hardy, judicious, noise, sand, effectual, level headed, wakeless, well grounded, strait, audio, phone, echo, fathom, voice
French sonner, son, solide, sain, détroit du sund, accent, bon, bras de mer, complet, faire, profondément, raisonnable, sage, sonder, tinter, vrai


English peal, resound, ring, anchor ring, annulus, band, circle, circular, clank, doughnut, halo, hoop, knell, kroužek, phone up, rim, closed chain, gang, encircle, surround, call, ring road, ringing, ringpiece, telephone, tintinnabulation, wiggle, boxing ring, bypass
French sonner, ring, anneau, arène, bague, baguer, beignet, cercle, cercler, la bague, rond, sonnerie, tintement, tinter, téléphoner

sonner antonyms

industrial peace, mute, silent, quiet, silence, vision, sight, lockout, normal, fury, square, light, deaf mute, unsound, catch sight of, quiet down, horus, her, necklace, boring, dull, as rule, bad, commonly, commonplace, generally, habitually, ho hum, humdrum, illogical, lock out, roof square, steel square, public square, square meal, square toes, square up, tedious, unfit, fallacious, mentally ill, weak, worm eaten, standard, perpendicular, run of mill, usual, apparition, be quiet, common, deaden, deaf and dumb person, dream, dumb, eyesight, ferociousness, ferocity, eumenides, craze, inaudibility, inaudible, ire, just, light headed, visible light, electric light, traffic light, inner light, light up, light colored, light coloured, light source, madness, mainstream, ordinary, rage, re, usually, wrath, yesterday, military

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