sonore synonyms and antonyms


English weighed down, resonant, aural, sonorous, voiced, loud, sonic
French doux, voisé

weighed down

English heavy, overburdened
French sonore, lourd


English resonant, evocative, orotund, reminiscent, reverberating
French sonore, résonant


French sonore, aural, auriculaire, auditif


English loud, euphonious, heavy, orotund, soundful


English sonorous, boisterous, clamorous, deafening, emphatic, flashy, gaudy, glaring, high sounding, impressive, noisy, obstreperous, ostentatious, resounding, showy, stentorian, strong, stunning, tumultuous, uproarious, vociferous, vulgar, garish, forte, gimcrack, loudly, orotund
French sonore, fort, forte, bruyant


English soft, sonant
French sonore, voisé


English sonic hedgehog, transonic
French sonore, sonique

sonore antonyms

unvoiced, voiceless, inaudible, quiet, silence, soft, quiet down, surd, unverbalised, soft serve, unhearable, aphonic, deaf, deaf person, silent, soundless, breathed, disenfranchised, be quiet, inaudibility, deafen, motionless, unruffled, abate, caressing, cuddlesome, easy, fluffy, limp, lull, noiselessly, order, peaceable, pipe down, hushed, restrained, repose, tranquillity, quietly, calm, quieten, quietness, sedate, shut up, hush, whist, muteness, secrecy, silently, still, tranquilize, over, mild, daft, gentle, meek, non abrasive

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