sortie d’ angle synonyms and antonyms


English corner, corner kick, corner market, street corner, angle, box, bend, cranny, hern, hideaway, hirn, nook, recess, cornerman, monopolize, quoin, tree, turning point, dog ear
French rencogner, accaparer, amélanchier à feuilles ovales, angle, boite, coin, cor, corne, coup de coin, coup de pied de coin, emplacement promotionnel, faire une corne à un livre, monopoliser, sortie d’ angle, tournant

sortie d’ angle antonyms

straight edge, side, edge, center, wall, center field, center of attention, nerve center, straight ahead, take side, side dish, side of meat, straight, physical property, property, quality, thing, cigarette, heterosexual, hetty, centre, border, brim, central, halfway, centroid, midpoint, plaza, kernel, concentrate, focus on, centre of attention, acrimony, advantage, bitterness, bordure, bound, brink, crest, fringe, hem, intensity, interest, keeness, line, lip, margin, rim, sharpness, sting, verge, zest, boundary, edging, eye, heart, inch, limit, skirt, bandage, bond, dimension, dressing, english, face, fence, fence in, flank, lateral, ligament, nongay, square

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