sortir avec synonyms and antonyms


English culprit, perpetrator, abate, agent, betray, bomb, break, break down, collapse, conk out, decay, decline, die, failure, fall on one's face, flunk, flush it, founder, give out, give way, go, go bad, go wrong, hiccup, miscarry, neglect, run out, file, folder
French sortir avec, rater, échouer, abandonner, aboutir, aller, avorter, bombarder, bombe, devenir, dire, distribuer, dé à jouer, dédaigner, faillir, faire, flancher, louper, manquer, mourir, négliger, omettre, partir, parvenir, passer, périmer, réussir, tomber en panne, trahir


English date, date palm, date stamp, appointment, as yet, data, up to now, go steady, day of month, donation, engagement, escort, go out, rendez vous, deadline
French sortir avec, date, à date, rendez vous, datte, à ce jour, dater, données, millésimer, rencard

sortir avec antonyms

awesome, awesome sauce, exceed, pass, progress, win, succeed, pass exam, stade, make pass, massive, phenomenal, super, wicked, attempt, achieve, exam, examination, mountain pass, pass by, pass on, success, birthday, accomplish, acquire, act out, advance, advancement, aim, arrive at, assay, attain, effort, try, attack, take stab at, undertake, auspiciousness, awe inspiring, badass, bang up, carry through, come along, come on, do, endeavor, endeavour, essay, excel, outdo, outstep, outstrip, outvie, overstep, surpass, transcend, forward motion, get along, get on, go, go forward, go past, natal day, outscore, outshine, place, reach, set about, achiever, top, victory

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