sou synonyms and antonyms


English wage, salary, penny, alone, pig, sou
Catalan sou, salari
French sou, argent, cenne, centin, monnaie, salaire


English salary, earnings, pay, remuneration, engage
Catalan sou, jornal, paga, salari, estipendi, honorari, remuneració, retribució
French salaire, mener, aboutir, conduire, gaine, loyer, rémunération, sala, salarié, traitement


English wage, salary, fee
Catalan sou, salari
French salaire, loyer, salarial, salarié


English penny, new penny, old penny, cent, centime, copper
Catalan centau, cèntim, penic
French sou, penny, cent, centime, franc, pièce


English alone, only, solely, gleam, halo, lone, unparalleled, exclusively, unaccompanied
French alone, seul, seulement, solitairement
sc sou, solu
gsw eläi, allei


English pig, pig bed, pig it, eurasian magpie, beak, briquette, buzgut, magpie, oinker, boar, hog, lieutenant, officer, patrolman, piglet, policeman, sow, swine, bull, slob, farrow, devour, police
Catalan sus, porc
French cochon, porc, pourceau, brique, choucas, flic, pie, pie bavarde, porcin, sus
sc mannale, mannali, polcu, porcu, procu, sue

sou antonyms

many people, committee, company, together, in crowd, people, citizens committee, crowd together, crowd, crowded, hourly, ship's company, horal, keep company, board, commission, teeming, world and his wife, others, overladen, thick, bunch, crew, aggregation, audience, everyone, herd, push, gang, lot, lump, spectator, someone, boyfriend, buddy, colleague, companion, schoolmate, with, accompany, across from, along, anybody, by means of, chum, companionship, business, corporation, enterprise, firm

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