soudain synonyms and antonyms


English on spur of moment, all at once, all of sudden, off hand, off handed, abrupt, suddenly, abruptly, sudden
French immédiatement, prompt, subitement

on spur of moment

French soudain, soudainement, subitement


English on spur of moment, all of sudden, abruptly, off handedly, without warning
French soudain, soudainement, tout d un coup, subitement, tout d’ un coup, tout à coup

all at once

English all of sudden, all together, at one blast
French soudain, tout d un coup, soudainement, subitement

all of sudden

English all at once, suddenly, on sudden, of sudden, quickly, at one stroke
French soudain, soudainement, subitement, tout d’ un coup, tout à coup

off handed

French soudain, abrupt, brusque

off hand

English off handed, ex tempore
French soudain, abrupt, brusque, indifférent


English off hand, off handed, abruptly, abrupt, blunt, broken, brusque, disconnected, precipitous, curt, sharp, steep, terse, point blank
French soudain, abrupt, abrupte, raide, à pic, escarpement, brusque, escarpé, saccadé, subit


English suddenly, dead, off handedly, short
French soudain, abruptement, tout d un coup, brusquement, brutalement, précipitamment, soudainement, subitement


French soudain, soudaine, subit

soudain antonyms

in time, at right time, on time, gradual, affable, all in good time, in due time, in no time, in no time flat, just in time, in nick of time, as time goes by, in mean time, in meanwhile, in nothing flat, in one's time, in one's day, ahead of time, in advance, at time, in row, corner time, extra time, early, soon enough, sociable, one time, in one case, yet, when time comes, in good time, in course of time, in short time, in few days time, in one's spare time, in fullness of time, in this time, sinuous, meanwhile, anguinine, bendy, under wire, very fast, in real time, in spare time, companionable, extroverted, extrovertish, talkative, gradually, step by step, accessible, benign, amiable, amicable, cordial, friendly, genial, stepwise, gregarious, incremental, lovable, sinuate, anfractuous, fluid, lithesome, slow, wiggly, squeamish, mixer, polite, social, suave, complaisant, openhearted

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