souder synonyms and antonyms


English boil down, mull, solder, weld, boil, soldier
French agréger, braser

boil down

English come down to, reduce, concentrate, decoct
French souder, concentrer


English mull, mole, bubble, headland, mole rat, chew over, promontory, ruminate
French souder, mull, île de mull, gaze, taupe, considérer, gamberger, ruminer, réfléchir


French souder, soudure, braser, faire un prix, soudage, soudoyer


English fillet weld, theodore dwight weld, dyer's rocket
French souder, gaude, réséda des teinturiers, soudure


English boil, abscess, carbuncle, cyst, furuncle, pimple, pustule, boiling point, bake, seethe, churn, burn
French souder, furoncle, bouillir, faire bouillir, fermenter, ébullition


English dog, grunt, dog it
French soldat, militaire

souder antonyms

doll, unsolder, desolder, freeze, freeze up, freeze down, freeze out, condense, cut of meat, cut, cut off, concentrate, minify, digest, contract, distil, distill, effusion, arrest, block, dame, dolly, draw up, halt, solidify, freezing, frost, hang, immobilise, immobilize, lock up, paralyse, poppet, puppet, seize up, stop dead, suspend, corchorus, cutaway, morning coat, burn, circumcise, snithe

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