souffrance synonyms and antonyms


English plight, asperity, suffering, agony, miserable, distress, pain
French chagrin, passion


English pass, predicament, betroth, pledge, troth
French souffrance, sort


English grimness, hardship, rigor, rigorousness, rigour, rigourousness, severeness, severity, sharpness
French souffrance, austérité, rigueur, épreuve


English agony, distress, miserable, suffering, adversity, affliction, ailing, anguish, displeasure, endurance, grief, hardship, hurt, in, torment, travail, trouble, woe
French souffrance, the suffering, douleur, faire mal, malheur, misère


English distress, suffering, anguish, pang, rack, throe, torment, torture, death throe, excruciation, grief, struggle
French souffrance, agonie, peine, torture, tourmenter


English agony, suffering, pain, adversity, anguish, attach, calamity, distrain, distraint, affliction, destitution, dolor, gnawing, grief, gripe, griping, hardship, indigence, misery, misfortune, perplexity, poverty, privation, sorrow, straits, torment, torture, tribulation, trouble, afflict, age, annoy, grieve, rack, seize, take, dole, hurt, painfulness, pang, plague, soreness, straiten, struggle, vex
French souffrance, détresse, affliction, attrister, chagriner, contrister, crève cœur, douleur, désolation, désoler, faire mal, peine, peiner, saisie arrêt, tourmenter


English suffering, miserable, dastardly, miserly, misfortunate, parsimonious, poverty stricken, miser, wretch, abject, depressed, depressing, desolate, despondent, destitude, low, low down, measly, unhappy, deplorable, wretched, paltry, scummy, scurvy, beggarly, worthless, stinking
French souffrance, bad, misérable, avaro, abject, lâche, malheureux, mesquin, minable, pauvre, vide


English distress, pain, pain in neck, pain sensation, anguish, annoy, bait, bread, breadwinner, bun, ed, gripe, hurt, hurting, ill, loaf, nuisance, effort, grief, punishment, toil, pest, annoyance, afflict, painful sensation, painfulness, pan assay interference compound, pang, pine, soreness, trouble, loaf of bread, pint
French souffrance, pain, douleur, mal, affliction, argent, artif, casse pied, châtaigne, coup de poing, désolation, embêtement, faire mal, grosse baguette, khobz, nuisance, peine, peiner

souffrance antonyms

exultant, cheerful, merry, enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, bliss, joy, eustress, ecstasy, comfort, feel, feeling, feel good, good feeling, feeling good, fee fees, feels, intuitive feeling, pleasure to meet you, blissymbols, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, mdma, high spirited, delectation, elated, delight, use, content, ecstatic, gay, happy, jovial, joyful, jubilant, pleased, triumphant, exulting, feast, fun, prideful, rejoicing, triumphal, defeat, amusing, blissful, blissfulness, bright, bubbly, cheerly, ebullient, optimistic, vivacious, pollyannaish, cloud nine, aid, consolation, liss, satisfaction, quilt, ease, besoothe, console, encourage, revive, strengthen, comfortableness, domesticity, e, x, xtc, adam, enjoyable, entertaining, exaltation, festal, lighthearted, outscore, outshine, place, rapture, raptus, relish, sanguine, seel, seventh heaven, sunny, transport, walking on air

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