sound synonyms and antonyms


English auditory sensation, well grounded, level headed, wakeless, judicious, effectual, burst, hardy, audio, fathom, noise, sand, strait, phone, echo, voice, go, good, sound
German sound, erschallen, fundiert, klang, laut, schall, sondieren, sund, tönen, gesund, note, probe, tone

well grounded

English sound, reasoned

level headed

English sound, healthy, intelligent, calm, levelheaded
German ausgeglichen, besonnen, kühlen kopf bewahrend, umsichtig, unaufgeregt, vernünftig, überlegt


English sound, heavy, profound


English circumspect, considerate, heady, cautious, critical, discreet, discriminating, enlightened, politic, provident, prudent, reasonable, sagacious, sensible, sober, staid, wise
German sound, klug, cool, rational, solid


English sound, effectual, available, effective, impactful, legal


English burst, book, break, break open, blaze, blowout, blowup, breach, breakage, cloudburst, discharge, downpour, fracture, fusillade, outburst, rupture, salvo, explosion, bust, explode, shatter, collapse, abound, erupt, fit, split
German sound, burst, bersten, platzen, riss, bang, blast, break, crack, crash, detonation, eruption, explosion, flare, flash, report, spray, spurt, volley, zerbrechen


English oliver hardy, thomas hardy, bold, courageous, daring, enduring, hale, healthy, hearty, heroic, intrepid, inured, lusty, manly, resolute, rigorous, robust, rugged, stout, stouthearted, strong, sturdy, audacious, stalwart
German sound, mehrjährig, abgehärtet, brave, firm, robust, tough, widerstandsfähig


English sound, audio, audio frequency, accept, agree, attend, sound recording, listen, obey, pay attention, radio drama, soundman, audiometric, audiovisual


English sound, fathom, fathom out, brace, penetrate, fthm, unfathom
German ergründen, faden, klafter


English sound, noise, make noise, disturbance, haphazardness, interference, randomness, dissonance, stochasticity
German noise, geräusch, krach, lärm


English sand, dune, correct, true, beach, backbone, amandine aurore lucie dupin, sandpaper
German sand, abschmirgeln, flussinsel, plate, sandbank, schleifen, schmirgeln, beach


English sound, narrow, pass, straits, tight


English sound, phone, phone up, phon, earphone, telephone, call, speech sound
German fon, phon, telefon, fernsprecher, telephone, anrufen, telefonieren


English sound, echo, ditto, repeat, resound, ghost, imitator, recall, repercussion, replication, reverberation, sound reflection
German echo, applaus, gegenhall, reaktion, rückwirkung, widerhall, widerklang, widerschall, hallen, nachruf, imago


English sound, voice, articulation, gender, phonation, vocalisation, vocalise, vocalism, vocalization, vocalize
German diathese, genus verbi, stimme, vox


English sound, go, go game, go out, go away, absolutely, act, bull, depart, gee, git along, carryout, takeaway, takeout, attempt, energy, gage, green light, mode, stint, weiqi, crack, adam, called, fare, journey, known, leave, move, travel, become, belong, crumble, disappear, fit, function, die, fail, proceed, plump, run low, rifle, start, blend, run, survive, lead, ly, naked, nude, song, spell, take, that, tour, tread, turn
German go, elan, fahren, gb, gehen, ihn, lauten, los, zum mitnehmen


English sound, able, chillax, fine, accomplished, not bad, well, beneficial, dear, dependable, full, honest, in effect, proficient, respectable, right, salutary, serious, unspoilt, upright, commodity, thoroughly, goodness, just, stallwart, valorous, virtuous
German fein, toff, zwäg, gut, gute

sound antonyms

quietness, silence, quiet, causal, inflammable, rock, stone, futile, song, signal, tone, silent, quite, water, music, channel surf, surf, surf music, injudicious, inaudibility, imprudent, unwise, quiet down, weak, ineffectual, fiery, surfing, rock music, rock n roll, breaker, breakers, empyreal, flaming, impassioned, flammable, grounds, hotheaded, igneous, ineffective, unavailing, combustible, hot headed, inflammatory, pure tone, tranquillity, bird song, soundlessness, edward durell stone, harlan fisk stone, harlan fiske stone, isidor feinstein stone, lucy stone, oliver stone, whole tone, tone of voice, tone up, uneffective, wishy washy, ignitable, fact, paid up, motionless, unruffled, shade, note, abate, act, almost, be quiet, chant, cue, deed, dumb, feckless, fruitless, inaudible, indicate, inflect, intone, knob, lull, rock candy, john rock, rock and roll, browse, surfboard, trifling, water system, body of water, water down, fiddling, immaterial, insignificant, unimportant

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