space synonyms and antonyms


English blank space, outer space, blank, infinite, interval, quadrat, gap, quad, ether, volume, distance, place, room, way, first, space
German blank, leerzeichen, raum, weltenraum, weltraum, zeitraum

outer space

English space, outer space
German all, weltall, weltraum
Malay angkasa lepas, angkasa, awang gemawang, jarak antara, luar angkasa, ruang, ruang antara, tempat


English quadrat, space, quad, quad bike, em quad, atv, em, em space, all terrain vehicle, quadrangle, quadriceps, quadrilateral, quadruplet, quadrupel
German quad, vierling


English quad, space, square, squared
German quadrat, geviert


English space, blank
German space, blank


English space, endless, illimitable, amaranthine, boundless, countless, immeasurable, inestimable, interminable, limitless, unbounded, unending, unlimited, vast, multitudinous, non finite, nonfinite, ramsey's theorem, unconfined
German unendlich, endlos, unzählige
Malay tidak berhabisan, tidak terhad, tidak terhingga


English distance, space, way, interval, time interval, musical interval, break, intermission, span, between, interlude, interstice, period, recess, season, skip, spell, separation
German abstand, intervall, interim, interregnum, pause, term, zwischenraum
Malay jarak waktu, jeda


English interval, space, way, distance, aloofness, farness, outdistance, length
German abstand, distanz, entfernung, ferne, weite
Malay jarak, berjarak, berjauhan, hubungan renggang, jangka masa, jangka waktu, jarak masa, jarak waktu, jauh, kerenggangan, menjarakkan, menjauhkan, menjauhkan daripada, perpisahan, renggang, tempoh


English space, gap, band gap, mouth, alley, breach, conversation, crack, divide, break, chasm, col, fissure, hole, neck, opening, rift, rip, split, tear, window, hiatus, lacuna, phrase, spread
German gap, fuge, genap, lakune, lücke, maul, zwischenraum, ritz, ritze, spalte, break, clearing, hole, pass, split
Malay celah, jarak, jurang, kisi, luang, membuat lubang pd, memecahkan, menerobos, perbezaan, rekahan, retakan, ruang, sela


English interval, distance, space, room, way, way of life, expedience, long, pass, path, significantly, sister, stepping stone, tread, use, advance, alley, approach, artery, behaviour, channel, course, custom, device, fashion, guise, habitude, highroad, journey, manner, method, pathway, practice, road, scheme, second nature, step, street, trail, usage, wise, wont, means, direction, far, so, right smart
German way, art und weise, bahn, strecke, weise, access, avenue, beat, form, habit, highway, march, mode, passage, plan, progress, progression, route, stretch, style, track, trend, weg


English space, ether, diethyl ether, divinyl ether, ethyl ether, vinyl ether, aether, quintessence, ethoxyethane, luminiferous aether
German ether, äther
Malay dietil eter, eter


English space, volume, tome, loudness, bulk, exercise book, intensity, section, book, capacity, measure, tonnage
German band, datenträger, lautstärke, volumen
Malay isipadu, isi padu, jilid, jumlah, kejelasan, kekuatan, kekuatan bunyi, kelantangan, kenyaringan


English distance, space, room, place, come in, come out, digit, elbow room, juxtapose, localise, localize, location, courtyard, frame of mind, plaza, seat, square, position, stead, home, topographic point, achieve, deposit, reach, identify, rate, station, target, put, set, invest, locate, property, shoes, site, spot, venue
German fleckerl, ort, platz, platzieren, situs, stelle, stellen, stätte, örtlichkeit, position, fleck


English place, space, way, elbow room, cream, rome, chamber, lodging, rm, board
German gemach, obers, rahm, saal, sahne, stube
Malay bilik, kamar, kesempatan untuk, ruang, ruangan, tempat


English first, first base, first gear, first of all, first class honours degree, first off, first up, beginning, 1st, initiative, world class, firstly, foremost, from scratch, front, head, lead, number 1, number one, oneth, top
German first, erst, erste, erster, zuerst
Malay space, pertama

space antonyms

closeness, proximity, finite, limited, last, final, infinitesimal, penicillin, long, time, highway, consolation, next, near, limit, mass, show, second, law of proximity, big final, final examination, limit point, near side, near to, nowhere, intimacy, nearness, familiarity, meanness, stuffiness, cobbler's last, contiguity, last place, little, minute, ramsey's theorem, secretiveness, shoemaker's last, show up, terminating, ultrasmall, outer, boundary line, about, adjacent, after, afterward, as long as, close, come close, come closer, comfort, coming, conditional, dowry, express train, following, high road, expressway, freeway, hwy, interstate, motorway, parkway, circumscribed, modified, express, long time, main road, neighborhood, propinquity

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