stay synonyms and antonyms


English keep one's word, stay on, stay over, stay put, mastrope, blin, detain, abide, await, continue, delay, remain, restraint, sojourn, arrest, attend, rest, staff, bear

stay on

English remain, stay, be kept in, straggle


English stay on, stay over, await, rest, stay, be kept in, belave, endure, linger, persist, straggle


English stay over, stay, tarry, visit

stay over

English sojourn, abide, remain, sleep over, stop over, stay, lodge, quarter, keep, stop off


English stay over, await, continue, stay, memorial, monument, tarry, brook, dwell, endure, hold on, keep, stand to, sustain, tolerate, wait, digest, bide, carry away, come after, linger


English stay over, remain, rest, stay, eternal rest, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, representational state transfer, remnant, breath, breathe, buttress, catch one's breath, cradle, ease, erect, eternal sleep, quietus, relax, relaxation, remaining, repose, reside, break, peace, sleep, lave, respite, be, breather, lay, lean, relieve, perch, pillow, lie, scrap, surplus, take breather


English remain, abide, stay, tarry, wait, wait for, attend to, expect, bide, listen, look


English delay, stay, confine, keep, restrain, retain


English detain, restraint, stay, detention, apprehension, confinement, stop, apprehend, attract, cease, freeze, check, catch, collar, halt, hitch, obstruct, stoppage


English detain, stay, time delay, adjournment, dallying, dawdling, deferring, detention, hindrance, impediment, lingering, masterly inactivity, policy, postponement, procrastination, retardation, stoppage, tarrying, adjourn, calm, forslow, check, forbearance, hesitate, hinder, hold, hold up, holdup, impede, latency, penelopize, postpone, procrastinate, retard, slow, stall, suspension, time lag, wait


English abide, stay, bear on, carry on, continuation bet, proceed, retain, cover, go along, go on, keep, keep on, last, maintain, persist in, preserve, proceed with, uphold


English stay, belt, constraint, control, curb, forbearance, bridle, coercion, compulsion, confinement, detention, deterrence, discipline, hindrance, imprisonment, inhibition, limitation, prevention, restriction, shackles, stiffness, suppression, unnaturalness, chasteness, trammel


English staff, stay, drug of abuse, cane, crew, faculty, labour force, personnel, pole, bludgeon, cudgel, force, mace, prop, shillelah, truncheon, walking stick, stave, verge


English stay, abandon, angry, bogo, stop, blintz


English bear, stay, accept, assume, carry, endure, fruit, give birth, put up with, stand, tolerate, brook, have bun in oven, wear, digest, hold, yield, behave, carry away, give birth to, have, suffer, sustain, take over, turn out, yawn


English stay, accompany, advert, behear, bestand, notice, serve, call on, care for, give ear, go to, hang, listen, look, pay heed, see, service, take care, take care of, tend to, wait

stay antonyms

go away, go, leave, discontinue, terminate, stop, pause, move, interrupt, scream, fly, express, rush, change, buzz off, fuck off and die, get carried away, go overboard, get fucked, get screwed, disappear, vanish, go home, pass away, go way of all flesh, express train, express mail, express rifle, fox cub, cub, benjamin rush, rush along, gone, abate, cease, change oneself, conclude, break off, break, do, tent fly, fly ball, fly front, fly sheet, give up, gon, at peace, departed, done for, intoxicated, played out, lay off, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, end, fire, rescue, activity, cube, action, activeness, bodily process, natural process, articulate, belt along, block, break up, breath, bucket along, call out, cannonball along, cheese, convey, cut off, deliver, deliverance, delivery, disarrange, disrupt, disturb, downtime, draw out, espresso, evince, explicit, fast, fast train, outspeak, carry, press out, expressage, festinate, give tongue to

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