still synonyms and antonyms


English on other hand, still, at same time, but, however, looking at it other way, other way round, then again, vice versa, yet
German andererseits, im gegenzug, im umgekehrten fall, spiegelbildlich dazu, umgekehrt
French inversement, à l inverse

on other hand

English conversely, still, but, however, then again, vice versa, yet
German andererseits, auf der anderen seite, hingegen, zum anderen
French cela dit, d un autre côté, en revanche, par contre, d’ autre part


English on other hand, still and all, stock still, breezeless, allay, conversely, noneffervescent, quiescent, ease, nonetheless, peaceable, quieten, relieve, reticent, shh, pacific, quiet, silent, static, still, fixed, motionless, soundless, unruffled, distillery, hush, consistently, yet, at same time, calm, tranquilize, undisclosed, zephyrless
German still, friedlich, immer noch, lauschig, lautlos, leise, nach wie vor, noch, noch immer, pst, reglos, ruhig, schwarz, schweigsam, stad, heimlich, passiv, zurückgezogen, stille, weiterhin, destillierapparat, destillierkolben
French calme, immobile, alambic, calmer, apaiser, chut, continuer, demeurer, dissiper, distillerie, encore, paisible, pourtant, rassurer, silencieux, soulager, subsister, toujours, tranquille

still and all

English still, nonetheless, however, nevertheless


English still and all, still, however, nevertheless, at same time, notwithstanding
German nichtsdestotrotz, nichtsdestoweniger

stock still

English still, frozen, rooted
French encore, toujours


English still, windless, zephyrless


English still, ease, abate, quench, appease, calm, dig, dig up, pacify
German stillen, beruhigen, dämpfen
French apaiser, pacifier, adoucir, engourdir, soulager, émousser


English allay, still, alleviate, assuage, coax, comfort, ability, free time, peace of mind, rest, relief, cruise, facilitate, give someone break, lessen, loosen, easiness, independence, informality, mitigate, simpleness, simplicity, slacken
German behaglichkeit, lindern
French abréger, aisance, aise, alléger, amoindrir, atténuer, confort, faciliter, réconfort, simplicité, soulager


English still, quiescent, tranquil
French quiescent, calme, tranquille


English peaceable, pacific ocean, amicable, non violent, nonviolent, peaceful, serene
German still, friedfertig, pazifisch, pazifischer ozean, stiller ozean, ruhig
French pacifique, océan pacifique


English pacific, quiet, amicable, amiable, friendly, gentle, inoffensive, peaceful, placid, serene, tranquil, undisturbed, unmoved, peace loving
German still, friedfertig, friedliebend, mild


English peaceable, quieten, still, quiet, quiet down, motionless, unruffled, abate, inaudible, lull, order, pipe down, hushed, restrained, repose, silence, tranquillity, quietly, calm, sedate, shut up, soft, tranquilize
German still, geräuscharm, ruhe, ruhig, stiekum, windstill, leise
French calme, silencieux, apaiser, paisible, coi, rassurer, tranquille


English quiet, hush, pipe down, quiesce, quiet down, appease, assuage, calm, soothe, tranquilize
French quiet, still, apaiser, calme, se calmer, silencieux


English still, aid, alleviate, assuage, lighten, mitigate, palliate, relief, liss, excuse, unbosom, remedy, exempt, salvage, take over, rest, spell
German entheben, erleichtern, relief
French apaiser, calmer, déresponsabiliser, soulager


English reticent, reluctant, restrained, reserved, self effacing, untalkative, taciturn, unemotional
German still, zurückhaltend, verschwiegen
French hésitant, réticent


English shh, hush, shush
German still, pst, pscht


English silent, dumb, inaudible, mum, mute, soundless, tacit, unsounded, voiceless
German still, geräuschlos, lautlos, ruhig, schweigsam, wortkarg, schweigen
French silencieux, taire, faire silence, maman, muet, muette, mutique


English still, static, atmospheric static, atmospherics, stable, electrostatic, motionless, unchanging

still antonyms

sound, move, motion, noise, audible, scream, change, music, kinetic, animate, chatterbox, bellicose, make noise, warlike, displeasure, active, alive, sentient, animize, enliven, inspire, being, battleful, buoy, c'mon, change oneself, disapproval, ache, condemnation, discontent, dissatisfaction, suffering, invigorate, apparent motion, talk of town, talk, tattler, twitterer, vocal, dynamic, difficulty, reply, say, exercise, according, loud, action, aloud, answer, as per, sounded, boisterous, call out, babbler, chatterer, stream orchid, cootie catcher, difficultness, trouble, disturbance, apparatus, moral force, dynamical, get back to, haphazardness, hearable, holler, impediment, interference, jabberer, loudly, obstacle, obstruction, quicken, reanimate, recreate, renovate, repair, respond, response, revive, revivify, belly laugh, screech, shout, yell, screaming, screeching, shriek, shrieking, stimulate, straits, toughness, urge, vivify, childhood

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