straight line synonyms and antonyms


English straight line, line, agate line, bank, business line, contrast, demarcation, diameter, dividing line, edge, game, house, equator, flax, line segment, rope, epistle, lineup, row, occupation, cable, pipeline, production line, telephone line, argumentation, channel, note, tune, course, lineage, credit line, wrinkle, trace, line of business, line of merchandise, line of products, maxwell, product line, queue, rail line, railway line, run along

straight line antonyms

curve, cell, circle, wave, point, squiggle, curlicue, curve ball, traffic circle, dress circle, kallang wave, cell phone, electric cell, jail cell, tilde, absorption point, mexican wave, wave about, prison cell, on point, distributor point, decimal point, compass point, point in time, power point, titres non pris en charge point, topographic point, arc, bender, breaking ball, curl, curvature, bend, arch, crook, swerve, wind, curveball, curved shape, adherents, belt, bunch, coil, disc, orbit, lap, set, encircle, cirque, corrugate, go around, go round, cabin, cadre, cellular telephone, cubicle, lock up, orb, round, supporters, world

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