sumidade synonyms and antonyms


English top, tube top, humming top, spinning top, top of inning, top off, top out, top quark, top side, elite, cannon, ball, garage, union, peak, vertex, weather, employee, intellectual, mother, religionist, survivor, suspect, apex, blunt, cannonball, coping, cover, crown, dull, fag, group, head, pinch, pinnacle, pip, rook, sphere, spiked, summit, teetotum, testicle, cap, dom, pitcher, circus tent, acme, first, beat, better, do away with, do in, exceed, excel, outdo, surpass, take out, trump, wipe out, clear, lead, upper side, upside, whirligig
Portuguese sumidade, top, top de linha, pião, tampa, cima, cimo, cume, topo

sumidade antonyms

bottom, below, beneath, under, base, side, foot, bottom of inning, bottom quark, animal foot, metrical foot, foot up, ground, human foot, invertebrate foot, free base, base of operations, underneath, at lower place, middle voice, middle, take side, side dish, side of meat, soil, downstream, downstairs, downwards, on lower floor, infra, minus, physical property, property, quality, thing, miracle, foundation, pedestal, support, footing, mirakel, basset hound, amidst, backside, arse, catcher, sit upon, buttocks, bed, bottomland, penetrate, butt, freighter, hindquarters, merchant ship, merchantman, nether, underside, undersurface, basis, evidence, rank and file, guard, hovedkvarter

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