suporte synonyms and antonyms


English pedestal, support
Portuguese ajuda, apoio, assistência


English pedestal, base, footstall, plinth
Portuguese suporte, pedestal, base


English support, financial support, adopt, aid, anchor, attend to, back up, backing, bankroll, bear, bread and butter, buttress, buy in, comfort, countenance, endorsement, endure, espouse, financial backing, funding, help, keep, livelihood, living, nerve, prop, reenforcement, reinforcement, rock, root for, solace, staff, stand, strut, documentation, accompaniment, underprop, confirm, digest, defend, patronize, subscribe, hold, back, corroborate, supporting, sustain, sustenance, tool post, supporter, base, holder
Portuguese suporte, ajudar, amparo, apoiar, apoio, base, encosto, manutenção, pão

suporte antonyms

kernel, protest, opposition, aid, let, let down, disappoint, lower, hemispatial neglect, financial aid, neglect, contest, objection, oppose, hades, down, acrimony, action, animosity, antigovernment, battle, center, centre, competition, conflict, confront, contend, controversy, call into question, compete, contradict, contravention, controvert, core, counterbalance, cut down, disagreement, discordance, disregard, dissent, disuse, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, drop, essence, expostulate, feud, gainsaying, gist, heart, heart and soul, ignore, inwardness, crux, knock down, leave out, marrow, meat, nitty gritty, nub, nullspace, obstruct, opponent, against, take issue with, withstand, fight, pit, react, opposite, oppositeness, confrontation, resistance, enemy, oppugnance, pith, pull down, push down, resist, shoot down, stand up to, substance, sum, thing, vie, expostulation

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