survive synonyms and antonyms

come through

English survive, break through, get through, succeed


English come through, pull round, hold out, make it, hold up, live on, pull through, outsurvive, overlive, endure, outlive, exist, last, live, go

hold out

English survive, exsert, resist, wear, father in law

make it

English survive, make it big, do it, arrive, pass

hold up

English survive, hold up, stand up, stick up, hold, have legs, delay, defy, postpone

pull through

English survive, save


English survive, last, nut up, put up with, remain, stay, suffer, take, tolerate, abide, aby, bear, carry away, accept, carry on, experience, go on, permit, persist, resist, stomach, digest, prevail, wear, weather, have legs


English survive, outlast


English survive, live, exist, be, subsist


English endure, survive, shoemaker's last, cobbler's last, last place, cargo, burden, load, weight, bovver, burden of proof, hindmost, final, at end, latest, concluding, utmost, end, death, stopping point, finally, lastly, in conclusion, continue, onus, pattern, persist, property, scourge, sunset, vice, yesteryear


English exist, survive, go on, live, hare, book, bide, haunt, hot, in person, living, alive, alive p, resilient, dwell, know, be, inhabit, move, unrecorded


English survive, go, go out, go away, go game, absolutely, act, bull, depart, gee, git along, carryout, takeaway, takeout, attempt, energy, gage, green light, mode, stint, weiqi, crack, adam, called, fare, journey, known, leave, move, travel, become, belong, crumble, disappear, fit, function, die, fail, proceed, plump, run low, rifle, start, sound, blend, run, lead, ly, naked, nude, song, spell, take, that, tour, tread, turn, walk

survive antonyms

give up, wear down, wear out, wear, fall apart, extinct, dead, come undone, break, crack up, crumble, go to pieces, throw up one's hands, hackney, nonexistent, use, use up, outwear, tire, fake, void, abandon, abdicate, abstain, allow, give it gun, rev up, tach up, drop out, surrender, kick, forfeit, release, spare, vacate, discontinue, phone up, give ring, relinquish, yield, next, flow, first, death, be, wear inside out, give someone thumbs up, give thumbs up, give oneself up, predecease, give it up, nonexistence, flow rate, inexistence, rate of flow, dissipate, depart, disintegrate, decay, decompose, compost, dismember, fritter, disperse, draw out, emptiness, empty, expel, first base, first gear, first of all, first class honours degree, first off, first up, hold, invalidate, nonentity, inexistent, nothingness, take hold, affect, after, afterward, arise, charlatan, coming, copy, counterfeit, current, deviate, die, leave, sidetrack, dowry

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