sweep synonyms and antonyms


English end run, chimney sweep, sweep oar, expanse, chimneysweeper, embroil, broom, slam, whip, sail, swing, brush, cross, sweep
Polish sweep, zamiatać, zamieść
German sweep, kehren, rauchfangkehrer, schwung, fegen
Italian sweep, ramazzare, scopare, spazzare, distesa, estensione

end run

English sweep, evade

chimney sweep

English sweep, chimney sweep
German rauchfangkehrer, schornsteinfeger, kaminkehrer, kaminkehrerin, schornsteinfegerin


English sweep, area
Italian distesa, estensione, mare


English sweep, chimneysweep


English sweep, drag, drag in, sweep up, tangle
German hineinziehen, verwickeln
Italian coinvolgere, trascinare


English sweep, bromine, besom, heather
Polish miotła, szczotka
German besen, besenginster, brom
Italian granata, ramazza, scopa, ginestra
nds bessem, bezzem


English sweep, slam, poetry slam, slam dance, bang, flap down, islam, mosh, shot, mirinda
German knallen, zuknallen, zuschlagen
Italian cappotto, sbatacchiare, sbattere, scagliare


English whip, party whip, whip up, flagellate, flagellum, flog, lash, punish, scourge, strap, cat, crop, flail, thrash, thresh, blister, worst, whisk, whiplash, wippen
Polish bat, bicz
German whip, auspeitschen, geissel, geisseln, peitsche, schnalzen, einpeitscher, beat, strike
Italian frusta, nerbo, sferza, frustare, frustata, scudiscio, sferzare, staffile
Afrikaans sweep, roer
nds sweep, pietsch, swääp


English sweep, sail, area, canvas, canvass, ess, cruise, voyage, sailing ship, sheet, ship out, willow, department, discipline, part, collection, drove, herd, ruck, field, plot, section, cultivated land
German segel, segeln
Italian vela, condurre, navigare a vela, veleggiare, navigare


English sweep, swing, swing music, baseball swing, swing out, swing over, swinging, get around, jive, sway, golf stroke, lilt, dangle, vacillation, wave about
German hutschen, pendeln, schaukel, schaukeln, schunkeln, schwingen, schwanken
Italian altalenare, dondolare, ondeggiare, oscillare, altalena, dondolio, oscillazione, traballio


English sweep, brush, paint brush, action, tail, brushing, brushwood, clash, coppice, copse, encounter, light touch, skirmish, thicket
Polish gąszcz, gąszcza, gęstwa, gęstwina, kita, szczotka
German backpinsel, besen, busch, bürste, bürsten, malen, polieren, quaste, pinsel
Italian pennello, spazzola, avvisaglia, boscaglia, fratta, fruticeto, scaramuccia, scopa, sfioramento, sfiorare, spazzolare, spazzolata


English sweep, cross, cross breeding, holy cross, true cross, cross fertilize, x, angry, cantankerous, captious, churlish, contrarily, crabbed, crusty, cynical, fractious, fretful, grouchy, ill natured, ill tempered, irascible, irritable, morose, peevish, pettish, petulant, snappish, snarling, sour, spleeny, splenetic, sullen, surly, testy, touchy, transverse, waspish, bad tempered, transversal, affliction, crucifix, gibbet, hybrid, intermixture, misfortune, rood, trouble, vexation, crisscross, hybridization, interbred, interfere, intermix, intersect, obstruct, pass over, thwart, crossbreed, traverse, crown of thorns, go beyond, ill, span, vex
German cross country, crosscountry, durchqueren, kreuz, queren, verärgert, übersetzen, sulky, hybrid, trial, hinder, traverse
Italian croce, accavallare, attraversare, incrociare, traversare

sweep antonyms

pleased, happy, parallel, motorboat, paint, anchor, content, contented, exultant, glad, gratified, powerboat, collimate, like, face card, ink, merry, satisfied, proud of, mirthful, rouge, key, color, colour, analogue, latitude, twin, pigment, suitable, blissful, bright, cheerful, fortunate

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