täppisch synonyms and antonyms


English awkwardly, carelessly, maladroitly, sloppily


German täppisch, tapsig, umständlich, unbeholfen, ungeschickt


English clumsy, cumbersome, maladroit, bunglesome, embarrassing, ill at ease, backwards, heavy handed, unskilful
German misslich, peinlich, trotzig, täppisch, unbehaglich, tollpatschig, tölpelhaft, umständlich, unbeholfen, ungeschickt


English awkward, unskilful, bunglesome, bungling, cumbersome, ungainly, butterfingers, galoot, klutz, graceless, ham fisted, heavy handed, lump, maladroit
German tollpatschig, täppisch, ungeschickt, klobig, plump, schwerfällig, unbeholfen

täppisch antonyms

dexterous, adroit, clever, graceful, elegant, cool, grace, free grace, grace period, grace of god, cool jazz, cool down, cool off, saving grace, state of grace, able, dextrous, ingenious, dandy, reduce, deft, gracesome, voguish, cunning, smart, brainy, cagey, cagy, canny, classy, quick witted, apt, fly, gimp, gracefully, intelligent, refined, savvy, shrewd, skilful, spirited, accomplished, adept, capable, handy, proficient, skilled, skillful, adorn, blessing, chill, calm, cold, coolheaded, hunky dory, aplomb, embellish, even tempered, excellency, flair, gnarly, good will, goodwill

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