tässchen synonyms and antonyms


English cup, loving cup, winepress, box, builder's mug, cupful, head translations, jar, transfuse, whelp
German cup, becher, cupbewerb, cupwettbewerb, körbchen, pokalwettbewerb, siegespokal, österreichisch, heferl, napf, tasse, tässchen, kelch


English small, dwarf, little, minor, poky, lowercase, diminished, humble, microscopic, minuscule, modest, pocket size, weak
German small, gering, glöckchen, klein, schmal, tässchen

tässchen antonyms

big, large, thigh, gig, adult, city, glass, capital, great, crowd together, crowd, big island, collection plate, plate, crustal plate, drinking glass, fill, fill up, field glass, looking glass, glass in, photographic plate, home plate, river plate, tectonic plate, working capital, capital city, saucer, city of london, city center, city centre, inner city, big suit, capital letter, city of london corporation, fizgig, giglot, spear, gigabyte, gout, mayor and commonalty and citizens of city of london, middle voice, middle, discus, dish, disk, set, big shot, slab, album, thread, ice cream, son, child, cub, logos, blue, grown up, pornographic, fully grown, brass, bunch, crew, aggregation, audience, everyone, herd, push, filling, pervade, meet, satiate, occupy, fold, full grown, gang, grownup, lot, lump, make full, recur, return, spectator, stop up, stopper, surfeit, take, weft

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