tätigkeitsform synonyms and antonyms


English active voice, active agent, participating, combat ready, agile, alive, animate, assets, awork, dynamic, kinetic, nonpassive, operative, spirited, spry, strenuous
German aktiv, aktivum, rührig, tatform, tatkräftig, tätig, tätigkeitsform

tätigkeitsform antonyms

inactive, dormant, passive, idle, rest, tire, passive voice, bottom of inning, bottom, bottom quark, eternal rest, tire out, lazy, sedentary, settled, extinct, news, dash, asleep, abeyant, hibernating, sleeping, dead, dull, motionless, nonoperational, latent, recumbent, unworksome, revive, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, representational state transfer, bludge, fag, fag out, fatigue, hyphen, pointless, light, loose, out of work, unused, unwarranted, jade, knowledge, laze, loaf, nonextant, out, slug, stagnate, standstill, tick over, remnant, backside, arse, base, catcher, sit upon, buttocks, bed, bottomland, penetrate, breath, breathe, butt, buttress, catch one's breath, cradle, ease, erect, eternal sleep, freighter, hindquarters, bone idle, faineant, lethargic, merchant ship, merchantman, nether, outwear, pall, disinterested, uninvolved

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