tụy synonyms and antonyms

sheet of paper

English sheet, leaf


English i.u, that is, id est


English pancreas, gutbread, belly sweetbread, stomach sweetbread
Vietnamese tụy, lá mía


English y, yttrium, upsilon, yd, and, ar, crotch, id, ly, my, ory, ous, so what, th, that, the, there, wye, cy, ish, ity

tụy antonyms

i e, i.u, ad, less, that is, bce, ce, i'm fine, id est, n, bc, voltage, loess, lesser extent, minor, newton, azote, explosion, mum, north, normality, nitrogen, neutron, no, noisy, press, s, us, what, nº, nitrogen oxide, ordinal number, near, an, at, crossbow, en, explode, favor, female, hatch, hidden, i translations, indo, knot

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