talk up synonyms and antonyms

talk up

English speak up, big up

speak up

English talk up, opine

big up

English talk up, big up, build up, props, overemphasize, exaggerate

talk up antonyms

clam up, shut up, close up, shut fuck up, shut one's face, shut one's mouth, shut one's trap, lock up, close down, hush down, pent, close off, end, get out, hush, lock, quiet, zip it, lock in, zip one's lip, shut hell up, talk of town, talk, talc, shut your bloody mooth up, shut your fucking mooth up, shut oneself up, conversation, converse, gas, lecture, mouth, speak, talcum, conference, spill, spill beans, talking, utter, verbalise, verbalize, up, straight up, astir, improving, upward, alley oop, upwardly, upwards, turn up, wards

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