tantrum synonyms and antonyms


English dummy spit, fit


English tantrum, fit, apoplectic fit, foot, able, agree, apt, blowout, conniption, proper, primed, flurry, burst, paroxysm, match, meet, equip, suit, go, in condition, in shape, interest, metrical foot, outfit, scene, spasm, spawner, stroke of apoplexy, suitable, throe, tight, whistle

tantrum antonyms

out of condition, unfit, overweight, flabby, fleshy, heavy, lazy, kaputt, broken, broken down, bust, fucked up, kaput, out of order, bushed, flat, flaccid, inappropriate, limp, on fritz, fat, corpulence, unbecoming, unsound, disqualify, unworksome, wrong, sick, ailing, ill, bone idle, faineant, lethargic, morbid, disturbed, nauseated, rad, brainsick, disgusted, gruesome, pallid, vomit, unhealthy, polyunsaturated, insalubrious, weak

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