tape measure synonyms and antonyms

tape measure

English measuring tape, tape


English tape measure, tape, lose, adhesive tape, cassette, street, magnetic tape, record, videotape, tape recording, tapeline, taping, video, way, slap

tape measure antonyms

record, phonograph record, criminal record, record book, track record, cut of meat, cut, cut off, keepsake, memento, recall, remembrance, regard, account, book, chronicle, enter, entry, page, put down, recollection, disc, log, read, register, reminder, souvenir, corchorus, cutaway, morning coat, burn, circumcise, snithe, emasculated, shortened, slashed, thinned, trimmed, mown, baseball swing, snub, deletion, stinger, geld, abridge, dilute, edit, reduce, ignore, write out, switch off, swerve, hack, cutting, cutting off, decrease, gash, hovel, juice, knife, lower, prune, rationalise, rationalize, reap, retrench, skip, slash, slice, tailor, track, undercut

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